We recognize what it means to be a part of the McDonald’s “Three-Legged Stool.” Our partnership is built on supporting McDonald’s at every level. For 46 years, Ecolab has focused on McDonald’s cleaning, sanitation and food safety program.  We provide a comprehensive approach — combining industry-leading products with people, service and innovative technology.

Through in-person training, and a suite of training materials, we help provide Crew members guidance on the use of proper cleaning and sanitization products and procedures. Our innovative products and tools are designed with Crew safety in mind — centered around development of products that do not require PPE, creating a safer environment for Crew.

Our industry-leading Scientists, Food Safety, Regulatory and Technical experts provide support behind the scenes when changes in regulations, new equipment items or new cleaning challenges arise. We provide comprehensive coverage to promote simplified operations, safe food and healthy environments — Everywhere It Matters.™