All 5 US Beef Suppliers are proud to support the McDonald’s U.S. Restaurants with 100% pure beef patties!

We are here to help you bring Gold Standard Quality Product to your customers every day! Please call or email us with any beef product, packaging or procedural questions.

We appreciate you and all your hardworking crew and managers in the restaurants!

Thank you very much for your business!

Fun Fact
Did you know that if you laid all of the 100% Pure Beef patties we sell in one year in the US side by side they would wrap around the earth 13 times?

As a friendly reminder, don’t forget 10:1 100% Pure Beef patties are only held for 15 minutes in the UHC! And, in order to get hot and juicy QPCs out to our customers every time, they need to be cooked to order and never held after cooking!

U.S. Beef Supplier Contacts: